These ghost ducks were maybe 30 feet from shore. That’s how foggy it was this morn.

I had planned on a road ride since the temp was calling for near 50 degrees at 8am today. It’s just crazy how my riding window is so small these days. I had a great weekend on the bike only to go thru Thursday with nothing more. I will try again in the morning.

Its not impossible for me to get in some decent rides but it seems to take a week of planning to do so. I need to make sure the store is covered and I need to plan that.

Gone are the days I get a phone call and grab a bike. Right now that can only happen on Sunday and soon that will go away also as I plan on being open on Sundays sooner than usual.

Also, I think things will get better in that regards as I seem to be putting together a pretty good summer crew. Actually the best I’ve had in years. So Im hopeful.

Its Thursday and I might just have this the weekend post as last week if I get that ride in the morning. But nothing planned besides the group ride Saturday. Im sure Sunday will be something but like I said, I like that ride to be unplanned and I go with the flow.

The temps will be a bit cooler but not cold by my standards. Both days this weekend looking like 40 degrees at ride time. Hopefully the sun will be out. Cooler temps might put me in the woods anyway. Its easier to MTB in cooler temps. So that sounds like Sunday to me.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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