Happy Place


As the weather warms I spend more and more time in my happy place in the morn. I still pretty much drive out there everyday all winter but now I spend a lot more time out of that car. More time on my favorite bench. With my favorite mug  with my favorite coffee inside. Always my camera in case I see something cool.

People ask why I dont bike out there. I do. Just not in the morning. This visit isn’t about how I got there its about being there. Its kinda my time away from bikes. I dont do this everyday but most days. People always ask me what Im doing when they see me driving out to the park every morn. Just hangin’ having my morning coffee before my day starts, thats all.

In the winter Im pretty much alone there in the morning. But get a nice weekend like the one we just had and people are everywhere. And really for me its alone time there. So as it warms it gets harder and harder to get some me time. But thats understandable and I dont mind sharing. Actually, when its prime time in the summer I go there less or I do ride my bike out there for a different kind of visit. But any visit is a good visit.

Enough about me. How bout a product review.

Big and small fit.

I cant say enough about my new Thule T2 Pro. Its so nice to be be able to put my fatbike, or as you see here, 29 plus bike on a rack. In the past I had to take the wheel off and put it on the roof using an adapter. Now I just put it on the rack in 30 seconds. As you see it fits the biggest wheel down to a very small one. And the best thing about it is it folds up when not using it. Other clamp systems do not and are always in the down position.

Its a bit heavier than other clamp systems but my Elantra handles it no problem. It also has means to lock to the car, and the bikes to the rack. Nice. This will be on my car ongoing until next winter…..

That’s about it fpor today. I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t even realize I didn’t post anything. Good thing I dont get paid for doing this.


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