Nice Weekend.


Everything pretty much went as planned.

Well kinda. Friday a few guys came over to ride with me in the morning. We left the store and headed out the lot and I noticed my rear derailleur was dead. The front worked fine but the rear had nothing. After checking all the connections I just told the guys to go. Its pretty upsetting to get all dressed for a ride and then have to walk the bike back in the store by yourself.

My last (and only) ride on this bike was the snow day two weeks ago and I wondered if somehow that had something to do with it. I visioned having to order a new derailleur and I was going to miss out on the entire weekend. I got back in the store and undressed back to street clothes. So the first thing I checked once back inside was the lever. The damn thing was unplugged. Apparently when I wrapped the bars the other day I pulled the lever wire too tight and it unplugged. There was not enough slack to plug it back in so I quickly unwrapped the bar, gave the wire plenty of slack, pluged it back in, re wrapped the bar, and got dressed again and I was off solo. I did manage to get in an hour and 50 minutes.

Saturday was the group ride which had only about 8 of us which is a small group for how nice it was out. Of course I overdressed. Another nice 2 hour ride.

Sunday I had called out a longer ride, initially saying four hours which in hindsight was way too ambitious. Just one other guy showed and he had to leave early and that was fine by me as I could get in a couple hours with him and then grab my Farley for the first woods ride of the year. And thats just what happened. After an hour and a half on the road I switched bike and finally got some dirt riding in. About an hour.

On Friday, after just under two hours I felt terrible. Everything ached. I was very uncomfortable on the bike. To the point of maybe changing every setting on the thing. I was concerned. Then on Saturday I felt a little better. Even put in a few pulls along the way. Sunday morning on the road bike I felt way better. I could tell my form was getting back. Just the way I sat on the bike was better. My pedal strokes were better and I just settled in to about 17mph and held it pretty comfortably.

Every year Im amazed on how bad I feel on the bike initially. And then Im amazed on how fast it comes back. Im no way in shape yet but after the road portion on Sunday nothing was hurting.

Then…..  I hit the trails on the MTB and the different geometry once again threw me for a loop. Once again I felt like crap on that bike. Im sure in time that too will get better. I did ride that bike all winter. So that, along with my diminished MTB skills had it a rough ride. But it was just the first so Im not concerned. I’ll get better quickly there too.

One thing I did notice is that I have 175mm cranks on that bike. For my bad knees I should go to 170 and I will in the near future. When I built it last Feb the 170’s were out of stock at the time.

The Farley worked well. Still a full charge and I have not sat on it since The Fat Bike Birkie March 5th. This was the first ride on the new Velocity 29+ wheels too. Man, the I9 rear hub is loud. Like a swarm of bees behind me. Everyone will know when Im not pedaling.

So the weekend was a nice start to real spring riding. Sunday I was just in a kit, no warmers or windbreakers. It was nice to not have to wear a ton of clothing to ride a bike.


1 thought on “Nice Weekend.

  1. I made my way out to evergreen as well. It was amazing. Just to be in the woods again on a beautiful day. Mildly irritated by the numerous unleashed dogs I had to stop and wait for but all in all a great ride!

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