Looking at the 10 day it seems we are in for some favorable weather. Having watching and waiting for it for a week its finally here. Yesterday was a small setback as it snowed pretty hard but nothing stuck. Today will be in the upper 40’s for temp. Tomorrow and Saturday in the 50’s and maybe 60 on Sunday. Now is the time to plan and  plan I will. Usually left for Fridays but I have some time right now.


Friday and Saturday morn I will be on this guy. Both days before the store opens. Im setting a goal of 6 hours in the saddle for the 3 days. I am going to set the Domane’s rear dampner to the softest to see how that feels. It might help out with the seat time. As I type, I believe I’ve been on a bike once in three weeks. To get 6 hours in three days right off the bat might hurt but thats going to be a good hurt. My garmin is charged.


Then, on Sunday might be my first ride in the woods with this guy. Actually, I was going to ride it tomorrow morning but the snow and rain yesterday makes me think to wait until Sunday. No rain and sun everyday will have the woods in much better shape then. I have yet to even sit on it since I put on the 29+. In fact I have yet to sit on it since the Fat Bike Birkie. As for the wheels, I may have jumped the gun on the Velocitys. Super nice wheels, I’ll have no problem selling them but now Trek has come out with a 29 plus carbon wheel. I’ll need to try and get ahold of the rims as the stock wheels come laced to boost hubs for the Stache. I won’t be in a hurry tho. These wheels are going to be just fine until I build something carbon.

This kinda sounds like a Friday post and it maybe will be as I will be riding in the morn. Tomorrow will be the last day the store does not open till 11am and I will try to take advantage of every minute. Hoping to get back from my ride at 10:59. Maybe I’ll post a few pics from the ride in the morning.

But if I dont post have a great weekend and hopefully I be extremely sore Monday morn.

At least thats the plan.


Wa da ya think?

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