New Rack

IMG_0402Its the Capt Henry Jackman. First time I saw this guy too. He was way out there.

This morning I picked up all the bikes I had on display at various places for the spring sale. The weather dudes are calling for sunny and 60’s this weekend. Its going to be game on in the store. All hands on deck and whatever….

I got one of Thules new T2 Pro car racks. Its a great clamp system. Its works with fatbikes without any additions or switching of trays and it fold up when not in use. Look at the wheel tray. All wheels skinny to fat.

Its a lot heavier than the Saris Superclamp and I was a bit concerned but the back of the car is not scraping the ground so all good there. But there is a lot more going on there than the Saris, its pretty bulky. The Superclamp is half the weight.

The real issue was working with fatbikes without switching trays. Also, folding up when its not being used so I can just lock it on the car and leave it. Its incredibly expensive. Looking at almost $600 retail for a 2 bike. I’ll use it awhile as see how I like it.

I think the woods is drying out (finally) and might be ready to ride this weekend. I have not rode on dirt since last November. I can’t wait for the first time this year. Soon.


Wa da ya think?

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