Well, its Sunday at noon. Im at work on a Sunday trying to stay away from all media so I can watch Paris Roubaix at 2pm on NBC sports. As I type this its over and done with. My phone is turned off. The store is closed and Im here alone getting paperwork done. Except when Im typing on this.

Im feeling better today but the mega cold persists. But no fever or aches or anything like that. Just huge chest and head congestion. That will last for a few days but no biggie.

I could not do yesterday’s group ride as expected. 18 degrees when I got up. Still, 6 or 7 brave souls marched on. We had about 3 inches of snow Friday nite too, mostly all melted already. Looking at the 10 day, things look like they will improve as the week goes on. 5 or 6 days are sunny and high in the 50’s ongoing after next weekend.

Saturday morn. The Anderson.

The first ship sailed past Saturday morn, at least the first one that I saw. A few went thru during the nite but its game on as most have started working for the summer.

This one is a pretty famous ship named the SS Arthur Anderson. The Anderson was the last ship in contact with the Edmund Fitzgerald before it went down in 1975. The Anderson’s IMG_0380captain asked how they were doing and the Fitz replied “We’re holding our own” and was not heard of again.

This is actually the first time I have seen the Anderson working. Adding to my list.

Here is a excellent video of the transmissions from the Anderson as they reluctantly went back out to look for the Fitz. Very sad.

Anyway, to me a very famous boat.

This morning (Sunday) I took a drive to the park as the waves of Lake M. were about as big as I can remember.


Adding to the theme of the post so far.

Moving on.

Now its Monday morn and it was a pretty good Paris Roubaix yesterday. Cancellara had a bad day going down a few times. Even hit the deck on his farewell parade lap in the velodrome. Im sure he’s glad that one is over.

I was hoping Boonen was going to pull it off and he fell just inches short which is good enough in my book.

As I took my usual ride to the park this morn I noticed something just felt weird, or different. Then I realized it was not raining and the sun was out. Its supposed to be sunny all week with the temps inching up as the days go on. About time.

 What a difference a day makes.

Look at the contrast from yesterday and today. Quite amazing.

This week is the last week the store opens late at 11am. Starting next Monday it will be from 10 to 7 instead of 11 to 6. I will try and get out at least once in the morning this week. Looks like a couple days in the 40’s when I get up. Soon it will be game on.


Wa da ya think?

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