Its Friday, I think. And to add to cabin fever in the list of current illnesses you can also throw in a touch of flu. Its not full blow influenza but more like a cold on steroids. I feel terrible and am heavily medicated just to be able to get to work. Im pretty sure the group ride in the morning is out.

These guys. 845am

Not that Im upset about not going on a 23 degree road ride. If Im going to have to miss a ride due to the sickness tomorrows ride is a good one to miss.

That would put me on just one ride in almost two weeks, and that being a cold slushy ride on the Domane.

Soon, very soon I will start calling out longer base rides on Sundays. Im sure we all need it here. I know I do.

I think this summer Im going to concentrate on time in the saddle and not how fast I can go. This will morph into “touring” fitness. Holding 12mph with a sustained controlled effort for 7 hours would be a good thing to do well.

When I tour, or I should say back when I toured I had a 12mph rule. Over 12mph you coast, under you pedal. I could pretty much go all day with that. I pretty much pedaled across Wisconsin doing that fully loaded. That was 5 years ago. I wonder if I can even do that now.

If history holds, I’ll be sick all weekend but I still will hold a small shred of hope to ride Sunday and maybe salvage a small bit of the weekend. Maybe at best.

Time for me to take my meds…. have a good weekend.


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