Waiting (more)

Not much to write about of late.

On the left is the 920 today. All back in full touring glory. On the right is how I was riding it this winter. Now that I have the Domane to ride I put all the racks and bags back on.

And once again have all summer to fulfill my dreams of a tour. I have ample staff in the store until June 10, then I lose one. So maybe a early June quickie up to Door County is possible. Most likely will still be snowing the way things are going around here. Another coat of snow this morning.

While I rotate thru bikes this 920 might be a keeper for me. I like it. Until they come out with a carbon one. But not so sure thats a smart thing for a touring bike.

Im not sure if I should get all up in the air about a tour around the lake but it sure would be fun. Last summer I set a date only to get canceled. For about the 7th time. This summer I might have more help in the store. Things look good in that respect this year. Time will tell (again).

Having to wake up once again to a white lawn has me in a pretty bout of cabin fever. I hope it does not get worse or to the point where I need to get away. Like that would be a bad thing. Like I said yesterday, just hunker down and wait.

I hate waiting. Its always the hardest part..


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