I seem to be posting a lot about bikes of late and thats to be expected I guess. But sometimes I just want to forget bikes for awhile.

Yes I said that out loud. I’ve written before on how tricky it is combining your hobby into a business. Its a slippery slope.

True, when Im at work Im kinda at my hobby, but when Im doing my hobby its like work too. And sometimes I can feel a burnout coming and need to step away a bit.

Not real far away, just enough to think about something else for awhile.

However, I can do that on a bike. If I ride somewhere I never or rarely ride its easy for me to lose myself in thought when riding solo. And Im thankful for that.

With the spring teasing us for the last month its been hard to get out on the bike. And the minute I set up the store to be busy it snows and slows down. Just a stressful thing spring in Wisconsin is.

My moring visits to the park is another thing I do to fend off burnout. This blog too. And my camera.

You would think the easy solution is ride more and work less but its not that simple. Or maybe it is.  My riding window are small. Today I had one around 830am but at 18 degrees it was a no go. Sure, I could have bundled up and went for a freezing road ride. Even better, I could have grabbed the Farley with the 29+ on it and hit the woods hoping it would be a frozen hiway.

But mentally its hard to do when its been 60 degrees. Ive packed my winter clothing away and now have spring\fall in my riding bag. Thinner tights etc.

Spring is the worst in Wisconsin. It lasts four months.

Really, Im planning a weekend off soon. Maybe two before we are open Sundays. I need to be ready to take advantage of a little me time when its presented to me. I need to be able to ride in a moments notice. Thats what I have to work on. No more excuses on why I did not ride some morning.

But I’ll wait until its a little warmer.


Wa da ya think?

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