New Domane Day


While I have not seen anything in the media, Trek is supposed to release the new Domane SLR  today. Its a completely new bike. The two big things is that the iso speed on the seat post is now adjustable. You can add more dampening or less. And its also got one on the headtube too. Both those add up to a pretty smooth ride. I got the Domane 7 which has Ultegra Di2 and hyro disk brakes. A perfect and proven combo.

The seat dampening is adjusted by sliding that little car up or down the seat tube. Im not an engineer but it looks like you are changing the pivot point either higher or lower with higher being less compliant and lower the opposite.

Trek has released info videos to us dealers and I’ll watch it today to learn how it works. Its completely different from the old iso-speed.

So did I ride it? Well yes, I did. About 15 miles on Saturday during a near white out blizzard.

In my defense I will say it was dry when we left the store, and we knew it was a chance of snow and snow it did. Me and 4 others turned around at the 6 mile mark and we barley made it back with me having only one gear left on the cassette as it turned into a big ice cube. The last 3 miles it was every man for himself. I made it back to the store coated in ice. Both bike and me. Look at the rear driveline. Even covered in ice the derailer worked perfectly. The ice buildup just made the chain skip over the top of the teeth. I did find a gear and left it there for the last few miles.

And that was my first ride on the new Domane. I pretty much have to take a do over for sure. Hopefully soon.


Wa da ya think?

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