Its finished

There is the finished product. Just thought Id throw a teaser out there today. I will have a full write up on the bike, with hopes that I get to ride it this weekend and its not a rain out. Or a snow out. I might need to shorten the chain a little along with a few more personal changes after the first ride but thats normal for me. Come Monday this thing will be all over the press and media. Maybe Fabian C. will win Flanders on this bike this weekend.

As for weekend riding I plan on doing the entire group ride in the morning. Dry roads will have me on the Domane. Wet roads will have me on the 920.

The store looks to be busy Saturday. Im going to have two people here besides me. Thats a lot of payroll so I hope its worth it.

Sunday looks open. Not sure on the weather yet. I would like to put in a nice easy 3 hour ride. Sundays are going to be the long and slow day. Hoping the next 5 or so Sundays will let me get some hours on the bike.

Should be a busy day today too. So I’ll sign off short. Have a great weekend. Ride your bike. Watch Flanders on Sunday. Then ride your bike some more.


Wa da ya think?

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