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Post About Nothing

Still not complaining. Even tho its windy and cold. And raining. Again. Or should I say still. Other than that I have nothing.


Really, its all Lake Michigan’s fault. First off,the store is about a block from the shore. And if you look at Sheboygan, we stick out a bit, the shoreline jets out so we get hit head on with the east winds across the cold water. Its a bummer. Temps just 5 miles in are up to 20 degrees warmer. Last week the middle of the State was a full 30 degrees warmer than here.

Yet in the winter all the lake effect snow is on the other side in MI. It’s not fair.

All we can do is sit and wait. About a week from now I see two days with highs of 58. That’s acceptable to me. Just need to plan rides to head and maybe start farther inland.

That’s all I have and for the most part will be all I have until it warms up and I get a ride in. when all I do is wake up, go to work, go home to bed I just dont have the material anymore.


Not Complaining.


At 38 degrees this morn I thought a bike ride would be brave. Look at these guys (or gals). That has to be cold.

Really all I could do here is complain about the weather. But I won’t today. I may complain a lot but at some point I catch myself. I’ll say something positive today like the sun was out this morn. And the temps look like they are going up about 3 or 4 degrees a day for the next few days. Of course, when you start at 38 its not as nice as it sounds. Oops, sorry.

We are now just days from May. But it does not feel like it. The weather sure has a lot to do with it but there’s something else I can’t put my finger on. The temps have been about the same since late Feb. I remember the day I left Hayward in early March it was 50 degrees. And now the first days of May look to be the same. Thats nuts. (technically I was not complaining but more like stating a fact). People just get sick of waiting for the warmer weather that they just give up kinda. Thats where Im at today. People just seem so lethargic and walk around like zombies cuz deep down they has accepted this weather. Come to the realization that this is the way it is. People seem sadder. I’ll put a small positive spin on the cold temps.

Actually the cooler temps just make me hit the woods more than the road and thats not a bad thing. Its a good thing. My Farley set up 29+ is a hoot to ride. The hardtail part of it knocks my old body around a bit but its not as harsh with the bigger tires. Im not very fast on it but I dont care. It rides nice and I have fun. Mission accomplished.

Im sure the weather will turn to the better sometime in May. The waiting is the hardest part. I say that a lot.



Its been awhile since I posted. Super busy. Yesterday morn I was picking up\delivering bikes and ordering and it was 3pm before I knew it. I dont even have a current picture to put in here so I’ll throw all this at ya.

I sorta kinda miss winter. We didn’t get enough of it. It’s been in the 40’s since February and it remains in the 40’s into May. The summer, fall and winter in Wisconsin is spectacular but the springs here are the worst. They last forever. I can never dress right.

This last Saturday I ditched the group ride to ride the Farley in the woods with a few others. I overdressed and suffered for two hours.

Sunday I wore that same thing and froze my ass off. Rides can vary 20 degrees pretty easy in spring. In fact it can vary that much on the same ride. Sunday it was 50 when I got up so I headed to the store for what I was thinking a 3 hour ride. The weather dudes were calling for temps in the 60’s.  After nearly 30 minutes of dressing I headed out and made a new route from the store to get away from the lake faster in hopes the temps would rise a bit. Long story short, they didn’t, they actually went down and I froze. Then throw in a little rain for the last 5 miles. Pretty much the same clothing I had roasted in the day before now had me freezing. My toes were numb. The ride was less than an hour. Last weekend I got almost 6 hours in, this weekend I did not hit 3.

Today its 38 degrees. Pretty much the average temp in February. A week ago it was 68.  I need to get away from here in March and April (and May). But not sure if I would go north or south. I would love to head north to hang onto winter, bypass spring and jump right into summer. Of course going somewhere warm would be nice too.

But that will never happen as I dont have the lifestyle to support that.

Maybe someday but not today.




These ghost ducks were maybe 30 feet from shore. That’s how foggy it was this morn.

I had planned on a road ride since the temp was calling for near 50 degrees at 8am today. It’s just crazy how my riding window is so small these days. I had a great weekend on the bike only to go thru Thursday with nothing more. I will try again in the morning.

Its not impossible for me to get in some decent rides but it seems to take a week of planning to do so. I need to make sure the store is covered and I need to plan that.

Gone are the days I get a phone call and grab a bike. Right now that can only happen on Sunday and soon that will go away also as I plan on being open on Sundays sooner than usual.

Also, I think things will get better in that regards as I seem to be putting together a pretty good summer crew. Actually the best I’ve had in years. So Im hopeful.

Its Thursday and I might just have this the weekend post as last week if I get that ride in the morning. But nothing planned besides the group ride Saturday. Im sure Sunday will be something but like I said, I like that ride to be unplanned and I go with the flow.

The temps will be a bit cooler but not cold by my standards. Both days this weekend looking like 40 degrees at ride time. Hopefully the sun will be out. Cooler temps might put me in the woods anyway. Its easier to MTB in cooler temps. So that sounds like Sunday to me.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.