So I started on the new Domane yesterday. Trying to change as much as I could for me to ride. Longer stem, different bar even tho this new handlebar that came with the bike is supposed to be super comfy. But the bike comes with a 42cm and I ride at least a 44cm so I made the switch. I set up the hydro brakes and new bar, today I’ll get the driveline set.

I noticed the bike came with a 32 tooth cassette. I expected a 28. Its got a compact 50\34 crank and I wonder if Im 32 in the back if I can run a 53\39 standard crank?

Not done. Nice bike.

There are times in the group when 50 by 11 is not enough. Just once in a while.

I really dont know if I can show you any more than this for now. Trek dealers were sworn to secrecy until Monday. So I’ll wait until tomorrow when its all done to show you more 🙂 First ride is slated for the group ride Saturday morn, however the weather looks to be about as crappy as it can get (again). Rain, wind and snow. Most likely at the same time. Weather like that will have me on the 920 still. Full fenders you know.

Whenever it is, Im looking forward to riding the new bike.


Wa da ya think?

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