Latest and Greatest

One of the things that amaze me in this industry is the way new products get announced.

I’m  amazed on how they keep it all under wraps for so long. I’ll note two cases in point.

The new Trek Domane SLR. Its got more stuff going on. The dampner( Iso speed) under the seat is now adjustable and its got another one in the headtube. Just more of what makes it a great bike. We all saw the pics of Fabian’s bike a few weeks ago. The bike will be officially released this Monday, but some bikes have already been shipped and Im getting mine today! Trek wont release a pic of it but their shipping them. Crazy!

So… really this bike has been a done deal for about a year. Then it has gone into production. Then its been shipped and is now in Treks warehouses. And we really only have heard about it for about 3 weeks now. Its just amazing to me how all that gets done under the table. I cant wait to put my bike together! I will be riding it on out Saturday group ride!

Full drivetrain

Next up is Srams new 12 speed. One by twelve. The large ring on the cassette is a massive 50 tooth! Thats nuts. But it allows a guy like me to run a bigger chain ring. We all knew that Sram was working on this but then BAM! There it is. Designed and manufactured. In boxes all nice and pretty and sitting in a shipping container somewhere. How many people knew about this. Hundreds I would guess. Yet nothing leaked.

I have mixed emotions on this. And I’ll mention something that happened to me in 2012, the first year the Domane came out.

Its early April back then and I just put the finishing touches on my new Madone P1. It ws my first bike with Di2. I was pretty pumped when I got it in store. It was the first with Treks “H3” headtube. Just a bit taller for us older guys. Pretty cool. Well, I did not have this bike more than a week and rode it once when the new Domane hit unannounced. And not just announced but in stock, ready to order. I had just bought my Madone and for sure would have waited a week to get this new bike. I was kinda pissed that I didnt get a heads up. I mean, I do get the bikes cheaper but I still have to pay for them.

So I sold that Madone and ordered the new Domane within 10 days. Someone got a great deal on a Project Madone for sure. I still know where it is.

Sometime in February my Trek rep visited. One of the things we talked about was if i was going to ride a Boone on the road this summer or a Domane. He just looked at me and said “dont get the Domane just yet”. He knew something was up. Maybe he knew everything. Either way it was nice to get a heads up so I trusted him. And now my new Domane SLR will be here in two hours.

Such things to worry about….. what expensive bike to ride. As for my Domane this year I ordered a complete bike. I usually like to build my own but just like the 9.8 Farley, its got all the same stuff I would put on it anyway. Just need to change out the seat, bars and wheels and it good to go. I will put it together and give a report soon.

And the year long secret will be out. And I’ll be sitting on it.


Wa da ya think?

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