Many days I head down to the park I dont even get out of my car. Today I did. All the snow we got on Thursday is gone except for the piles. It took two days to get the 8 inches of snow and about two for it to all melt. Lots of standing water. My yard is a pond.

The thoughts of fat biking in the snow long gone. Overall it was a pretty good year. The local trails had a solid three weeks of prime riding. I had a disappointing weekend in Marquette in January with the trails ungroomed all weekend. But I had a great visit to Hayward for the Birkie and rode amazing trails there besides the race. The store sold more fatbikes than any other year but Im sure that was the case everywhere. There’s a bunch on the trails now. I remember just 4 years ago if you wanted a aluminum frame (or carbon) I had to build it from scratch. Now they come in box’s, at least most of them. I still enjoy that custom build tho…

But now all the thoughts of fat are giving away to conventional bikes. Normal MTB’s and road bikes. I’ll keep one or two fatbikes on the floor during the summer but thats about it. More to come say… August.

While many are heading to the basement to get their MTB’s some just keep on cranking on the fat bikes. Like I do. Throw on some 29+ wheels and you have a fun summer bike. Or not, just keep it fat. You would be surprised how fast you can rip it up  on the summer trails with a fatbike. So much traction you cant make a mistake. If someone tells me they want to hit the woods but lack in skills and confidence a fat bike is the way to go. You can ride some pretty tech stuff much easier. Then up go the skills and confidence.

But at least here the dirt is some ways off. Until the flooding subsides and the woods dry out. Today and tomorrow look dry but more rain Thursday and Friday. Maybe snow yet for the weekend. Spring is the worst time of year here. The ride time available is way less then winter. If I could I would just move away for March and April. Spend May thru October here, then head north for November thru February. Now there a plan.


Wa da ya think?

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