Weekend Update


Somewhat uneventful weekend. Saturday group ride happened but I had to cut it short to open the store. I woke up to 26 degrees and huge fog. Such crappy weather of late. I almost pulled the plug for the second week in a row but ended up going at the last minute like last week. And it turned out to be a nice sunny ride. Sure temps were cool but the sun just lifted the fog in no time and soon we were riding on dry roads which was a surprise.

The snow and then huge meltdown has the roads still slushy Friday morn. I put the full fenders back on the 920. Especially since the cold rain we rode in last week.

Full fenderage.

Im pretty sure my new Domane will get here this week, and hope to be riding that next weekend. So the 920 will start morphing back into tour bike mode.

Getting this bike to tour mode will light a fire under me to get a tour together as soon as possible. It looks like sometime mid June will be possible if its warm enough. My summer help and winter help will overlap until the end of June. I hope to take full advantage.

Sunday was Easter and we had all the kids and grandkids over. But not before I headed to the store in the morning to work a little. An all day rain along with the melting snow has everything flooded again. Second time in two weeks. My sump in the basement is screaming for mercy, its keeping up but just barely. Its going to need to hold on for a few more days yet. At least I hope thats all.

Im pretty exited to get back on the road for some longer rides with that new Domane. They will get announced April 4th and Im sworn to secrecy until then.


Wa da ya think?

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