Melt (again)

Took some pics on the way to work this morn. All out the window of my car. I never got out. The snow\rain\sleet is all done. Sun out again. Let the melting begin (again). Maybe 6 to 8 inches total in my yard. The city\county is not using salt this late in the year and the roads are all ice. Could cancel the group ride tomorrow. Last week was a cold pouring rain, this week could be tons of slush. March is my least favorite month. Will see what happens tomorrow. I might put the touring fenders back on the 920. My Domane will be here any day and that bike will go back to tour mode anyway.

So yesterday I did get to put some good time on the Farley. Its all put together for summer and just needs to be tweaked a bit.

The Velocity Duallys mounted tubeless with ease. And I only put in 2 oz of Stans and the tires are still aired this morn. I’ll put more in later.

Threw on the Bluto and no issues with battery installation. I didn’t think there was going to be any problem but I only did it once under supervision so there was always that chance I would screw it up. I didn’t.

Summer 2016 mode.

I’m really itching to hit some dirt. But with the current events that will be awhile now. If it did not snow that could have been this next week. Now, who knows. Just gatta to sit and wait. I hate waiting. Its the hardest part.

That’s a tall tire\wheel.

For me, the bigger the better. I rely more on momentum than most so a big roll helps me. If I could go bigger I would. Big guy, big wheels.

With the roads and woods a pile of crap it looks pretty bleak as far as bike rides this weekend. The melting will start tomorrow with temps in the 40’s. Such a mess for awhile.

In the back of my mind I’m looking for a place to drive to for some dirt. Like I could take the time off to do so.

I’m still allowed to dream tho.

That’s about it for the pre weekend report. I was happy for the break in the action yesterday to do some of my personal bike stuff but now its back to work. Bring it on!

Have a good weekend.


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