Summer Farley


Its crappy outside. About 3 inches of the wettest snow you can imagine. Its raining now. Just the worst. The store will slow for a day or two.

That will give me time to “summer” up my Farley. I have everything here to do so. First up is the wheels.


I called John at Velocity to make my set this time around. I’ve used the Dually rims before. In fact my first 29+ wheelset was Velocity Duallys. I’ve never has these guys build me a wheel and I though this was a good time to start. I called John about noon on a Friday and we talked specs. Strangely I decided to go neutral with all the colors and specs. That is so unlike me but they’ll be easier to sell in fall. I could see red hubs and white spokes but its all basic black. A set to fit on any bike. I always gatta think of the sale after I’m done with them.


We went with I9 hubs since that’s what he had in stock. DT Champ spokes with alloy nips.

So we talked a bit and after all was decided he mentioned the wheels would be out right after the weekend. He lied. We hung up the phone at about 1pm and the wheels were shipped same day, about 3 hours later. I got them next day. And they were no way prebuilt.

Such service is unheard of these days. I might have found my new wheel builder. They can build and ship the wheel as fast as I can build. No brainer. Great job. I highly recommend Velocity. Made and assembled in America.

For tires I’ll go Bonty Chupachabra. Its a tall 29+ tire. Tons of traction. Really tall. Barely fits in the Bluto. The taller the better for me.

And then there is the Bluto fork which is up stairs waiting for me. Its the same one I used last fall. Just took it off for all the snow shenanigans and now will go back on for dirt. Which now seems like a ways off right now. The fork will have a bit of extra work putting the Di2 battery in the steer tube but nothing to complain about.

But I’m looking forward to riding the bike this summer. Super tall wheels will eat up the bumps and cush the rear a bit so I don’t get beat up. No way can I ride a MTB hardtail with my crappy back and joints but the 29 by 3 tire takes enough out to make it ridable for me. Of course the Bluto fork is a summer lifesaver. Its got a remote lockout on the bar so I can run it a little soft to soak up all the rough terrain.

Using a “summer” fat bike is catching on. Last summer I had Treks Stache at 29+ and I really think the 9.8 Farely at 29+ will be lighter and faster than the 29+ specific bike. So yesterday I said I had one shoe to rule them all and now I have one bike to rule them all too. At least in the woods.

And, at least what I use them for.


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