Good Shoes


Yesterday I posted a pic of my new shoes on Facebook. Just sayin’ hey look at my new shoes. When it was found out that the shoes retailed for $399 (lets just say $400) most thought that’s just cuz I’m a dealer and can get them lots cheaper. Maybe so.

But if I was a consumer I would buy the same shoe. To me, the shoe is the most important piece of clothing you can buy for cycling. With the second and third being the other two contact points of your butt and your hands. I would spend money on those too. Everything else in-between is immaterial. Except maybe your helmet. But for comfort its the three contact points.

And out of the three if I had to pick the toughest it would be the shoe. I remember when I started clipping in I bought a $100 shoe and used it one year. Then I went to a $150 Shimano shoe that worked much better but at the time I was still not sizing the shoe right. Sizing a shoe is like trying to find that perfect saddle. It sometimes takes years and you may never really find it. And a $400 (or more) shoe is not for everybody. If your a 30 mile a week rider a $150 shoe would work just fine. That’s the most popular price point.  But if you ride everyday and are like me using one shoe for everything you are putting in enough time to dial in a good shoe. Throw on a high end shoe and you will feel the difference.

A bad fitting shoe can give you miles and miles of discomfort. For years I had a hotspot in the middle of my foot and I just lived with it. Thought it was just part of the experience. After talking to the dudes at Sidi they suggested I size 1\2 size up and it was gone and for the next four years I used nothing but Sidi shoes. In fact a few years ago I had the top of the line road shoe that was Speedplay pedal specific. A $600 shoe. I loved it and if I still used road pedals would still use that model. Today I’m SPD on everything. I use the Shimano  PD 600, a one sided lighter road pedal and of course XTR on everything else.


So I now have one shoe to rule them all. Of course Sidi is a good shoe and I would maybe still use them but a few years ago they changed distributers and ordering them got to be such a hassle. I maybe sold 3 or 4 pair a year and that was not enough according to them. So be it.

Here’s a pair of Sidi Dragons I used about 3 years ago. I sold them but borrow them from time to time. Nice shoe.

In the past I always said buy a bike from a bike company, a shoe from a shoe company and clothing from a clothing company. Overall I still feel that way but the gap between the quality of products is closing.

The last two years Ive been on Bontrager’s XXX MTB shoe. Its got all the features of the Sidi and is a breeze to order, fits great, is super stiff and the color matches my kit so its a no brainer 🙂  And like Sidi they have a comfort guarantee. If its not working for you I can send it back to try another size. Specific time limitations of course.

So if your a everyday rider don’t skimp on the shoe. Comfy feet while riding is awesome.

And don’t forget to make your fashion statement too.


Wa da ya think?

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