Pre Storm


Today the snow totals have went up to 8 to 12. A foot of snow possible. We have not gotten a foot of snow all winter. And then temps in the 40’s after. I’m hoping the lake will keep us a few degrees warmer and its rain. At least that’s what happens during the winter so why not now.

I just got word that the new Trek Domane’s will come out April 4th. I’ve seen them and already have my order in. Should be a great bike. Perfect for me. I’ll have more on the 4th.

Temps in the 50’s today just does not feel like a snow will hit tomorrow. I had thought about a bike ride this morn but spent some time on the beach pre storm instead. Had my nice camera with me and when I tried to take pics found out I forgot to put a card in it. The equivalent of forgetting to put film in it, which I have also done years back. The more things change the more they stay the same.

I still had my phone so I used that for a pan pic above. Ive said this for years but I’m amazed on how well these devices take pictures. And my cameras auto uploads the pics to Google +. Pretty cool. Before I drive back to the store they are waiting for me to pull up on my computer.

As far as work go’s I’m still working on getting things in spring mode. I did get a shipment of 25 bikes to fill the floor up and have most of my summer clothing here but still in boxes.

This pending snow will slow thing up enough for me to finish that. Its crazy how fast spring selling can turn on, then off and back on again. That’s retail. Gatta love it.


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