Pending Snow


Finally a morning under the sun. 28 degrees but I don’t care. Shorts and tshirt on the beach this morn. Soak it up now as we are predict to get 8 to 12 inches on Wednesday. For real. What a bummer. The woods will never dry out now. Never. I know, I know it s only March in Wisconsin but this is a pretty strange winter\spring. In Dec, Jan and Feb every storm was either pushed north or south. This one is slated to hit us dead center. Its only Monday and still could move a bit. I hope so. This will be a wasted snow storm. Where were you two months ago.


We are dead center right now. In the exact middle of the 8 to 12 inches band. Lets hope this changes.

The weekend riding was so so. I did get in 3.5 hours total but it was not pretty on Saturday. 35 degrees and rain. It didn’t start raining until we got on our bikes and I would have for sure bailed but everybody else showed up. So we did a hour and a half in a very cold rain, cutting the ride short at a hour and a half. But even after all that, it was still better than a trainer ride.


Sunday was a much better ride. A bit over 2 hours for me. Cold but the sun helped out quite a bit. Its been awhile since I had a sunny ride. Sunday morn I went out for breakfast with my wife and then she just dropped me off at the store. A few met me there and we headed south for the usual hour and a half ride to the park, then after I rode home for some bonus time, hence the bike on the car this morn.

So the 3+ hours were pretty good considering. I’d like to get in a few hours tomorrow morn too before the snow hits. We’ll see.

Today Ive been here less than an hour and Ive taken in 22 bikes and 4 box’s of wheels, parts and tshirts. My office is full. Signs of spring. I have a new employee starting today too. That’s two now and I hope for one more part timer. That would be the best summer crew Ive had in years and might be the beginning of a good summer. Fingers crossed.

Maybe the year I tour around the lake?


Wa da ya think?

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