Game On

How much has it been raining? The ducks want in the store its so wet.

The creeks and rivers are still on the rise. My basement is still not out of the woods yet with the sump continually running for two days now. And Im not sure why its that way. We did get some rain but it seemed not that much rain that the water would still be rising two days later. Seems fishy to me.

So far I’ve had two individuals hired for summer help. One guy started this week, another starts next week. I have to say the help that applied this spring is better than other years. Two hired with two more pending. Im going to hire one extra than I did other years. Hope fully by May I can take some weekends off.

Im going to tour this summer if it kills me. Remember that $500 tent I stressed out over last summer? I have yet to even pitch it.

W8ing for me.

I need to remember that money isn’t the only thing in life and that I should spend more on help so I can enjoy my life a little more. They say life is short and at 56 years old I am running out of time being active enough to still do this stuff.

I remember when I was in my 30’s I said retirement is for working because you cant do anything else. While some may disagree with that it still true to some degree. Why wait until your so old you cant do anything to do something.

Maybe I mortgaged my retirement to do more while I was still young. Toured the country with my family for about 10 years in a expensive motor home. Then spent a ton on money on racing Sprint cars all over the country. I spent a lot of money for about 10 years. A lot. And I dont regret one day of it.

So my retirement funds are not what they could have been. So what. I lived my life my own way.

So I gatta get out this summer and tour. And I gatta hire some extra help in the store and spend some more money on that with no regrets.

Its this time of year (maybe a bit early) that I dream of all the things I want to do this summer. All the weekends up in Marquette and Hayward. All the races and long weekend touring up to Door County. Is this the year I finally get to tour around Lake Michigan?

I set all these things up, registering for the races and getting the hotels or campgrounds. Then, one by one being devastated that in reality I just cant go.

Not this summer. Game on.


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