It’s been awhile since I visited the lake in the morning before work. It was before I went up to Hayward. Huge rain and wind last nite. Still windy this morn. Some flooding. The lake again swallowed up the beach. Not much walking room. The pic shows at least 20 feet of beach under the water. At least it was a few weeks ago. But then again it changes daily.

The riding of fat bikes on the beach was a bit better this winter but no where near where it was a few years ago. Today you pretty much would just ride in the lake. And thats not too fun for 15 miles.

The overnite rains pretty much set the woods back another two weeks. Over one for sure depending on the next 10 days. We have cooler temps and even some snow at the end of the week. Fridays low will be about 26 degrees so maybe some frozen ground to ride on? Maybe.

Im sure the slight return to winter will slow down the spring sales a bit but thats not a bad thing for a few days as it lets me catch up a bit. The sales floor is only about half done and Im getting 20 or so bikes next week and need to find room on the floor for those. Then I’ll be ready.

I sat down to plan my 29+ wheelset and found most distributors are out of hubs. DT, Hope and I9 are all low. Really, its the end of their season (fatbike hubs) and Im sure do not want to carry a huge amount of stock all summer. I’ll have to get creative and might have to use three distributors to get the parts I need. That takes so much more time.

Anyway, I dont think I will need them for a while yet.


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