This is the worst time of year here. Fog, rain and mud. The woods is muddy, my driveway is muddy, everything is mud. When spring comes early it tends to come and go for about a month. So we could be skiing one weekend and road biking the next. The MTB’s are completely useless right now with the woods too wet to ride in. After a few days of drying out we get a solid day of rain and it all starts over again.


I never ride my bikes in mud. I’ve skipped mud races that I paid for. I always must remember I am on a demo bike that I eventually have to sell and putting a bike thru hell is not an option. It sure looks like fun but if you ride a bike like the pick above you can count on your driveline having a early demise. Not to mention all the brake pads, housing and cables. Even if the bottom bracket is OK you would need to remove, clean and reinstall.

With all the million dollar dives its just not a good idea for a normal person to do unless you have $500 to dump.

So anyway, I dont ride in mud. Ever.

One thing I look for these days is the freeze cycle at nite. If it get cold enough the ground will re freeze a bit and will be totally ridable in the morning. I watch for that. And try to take advantage.

If not, the MTB (or in this case my Farley) will sit for a month or more. In that time I will put the Bluto suspension fork back on and build a set of 29+ wheels. I have not decided what rims to use yet. And I might be stressing out a bit over that. But in reality I just have not thought about it much but I should get going with that. The sun will be out someday and I wont be ready. I procrastinate a bit. I’ll get that bike figured out nest week. At least get the wheel parts coming.


Wa da ya think?

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