Weekend Update

A fairly busy weekend. Starting off with the group ride on Saturday. I rode my 920. But this early spring has the boys of summer out on their carbon rocket road bikes and it was a fast ride for sure. Not that that is a bad thing all the time. I need a push now and then.


Still, a 22 pound tour bike with MTB wheels is still no match for that group. At least with me on it. Its like bring a knife to a gun fight. Although my Garmin told me I had my fastest 40k ever. On a tour bike? Is that just for this year or forever?

I dont know where that came from. I dont Strava. At least not on purpose. Not being a tech geek I did sign up for a Strava account about 5 years ago and every once in a while someone sends me a atta boy email. And I have no idea how they see that. Apparently my Garmin sends this stuff to Strava and posts it to my account. The one I never look at and dont even remember the password for. Then I assume the people who follow me on this old Strava account send me a atta boy?  I dont even know how to turn this off. I must have turned it on at some point without knowing it.

FB_IMG_1438480153646 (1)

Its really amazing how much technology you have for training. My Garmin 520 does so much stuff I dont even use. I maybe use 20% of all its functions. The only reason I got that is because of its long batter life. Pretty fancy unit just to see how fast Im going and how far I went. Nowadays, everyone trains with power. I remember when the rear hub was all you can use for power. Now you have pedals, crank arms and chainrings. I have no ides how accurate that stuff can be.

And really dont care. Im way beyond that now and have to laugh a little bit when someone from one of the groups I ride in comment on their power data during a ride. But I can see how the tech geeks want to see that stuff even tho they have no idea what to do with the information. Like Strava, some people just enjoy their rides more when they can look at all the numbers they produced. I understand if your cycling for competition it sure does help, but if your not then its just kinda weird.

And dont get me started on Zwift. We have people in our group who ditch a group ride to ride on that video game. Maybe in the middle of winter ( when we are all out in the woods on our fatbikes) a few times but really? To ditch a real ride for a fake one? Im sure there are more with me when I say I just dont see it.

But thats just me. Different strokes. I dont judge. Maybe I’ll figure out my password for Strava someday and give it a go.


Wa da ya think?

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