Geese vs Cranes this morn in park. Not sure who won.

Its crazy how fast this week went. After getting back from Hayward I needed two days just to catch up at work. Then two days to get the store in spring mode. This week did go fast but it seems like a year ago that I rode on snow. It was just 5 days ago I left the winter wonderland and returned to the land of bare ground. And not really bare ground as there was still a snow cover when I got home. All gone now. Temps skyrocketing and still at the coldest above average.

Just got word from Hayward that the temps dipped below freezing for the first time last nite since last Saturday. I heard the trail were froze up and back to rideable. Nice.

Not here. With the snow’s early departure leaves us with mud and wet conditions. And that sticks around and we will for sure get a bit of snow now and then. Just enough to keep the woods wet. Im ready to put my Farley back in summer mode. Hoping for a early April ride in the woods. I need to put the Bluto fork back on and build a 29+ wheelset yet.

The last time I rode a bike was in the forest trails of Seeley,WI  last Sunday morn. My next ride will be in the morning on the group ride. Looking at the 10 day it looks like I’ll get out some mornings now. Road miles but miles non the less. It all counts.

This weekend I have the WCA cross directors meeting. I must say out loud Im considering discontinuing the race. I just am getting to the point where its a lot of work for little gains. I pretty much set this race up alone with help from my friends race day. But there comes a time where if I cut out the race and just rode my bike in the gained time I would be in pretty good shape. I’ll go to the meeting Sunday and then sit back and see how I feel about it. Its about 50\50 right now.

Looks like another nice weekend. Get outside.


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