I cant believe its Thursday already. The last three days have been a blur in the store. Early spring will do that to a guy. Here’s a post from last year.

I guess Cable was the last time I rode on snow last year too. And reading that post reminded me of the crappy snow last year. All these fat bike races are at the mercy of the weather. Just one day after the race Saturday it was near 50 degrees. That would have been a disaster.

But it wasn’t and its on to spring. As last year, I shaved off the winter beard and mentally am heading into spring mode. Looking at the 10 day it looks good. Temps hitting 50 quite a few times. I’ll have to start nailing down some road miles on the 920. The woods is a mess right now. Mud and lingering ice and more mud. The temp yesterday was 67. Crazy!

I saw a pic of a new Domane that Treks team were riding. It looks like a trimmed down frame. If this is true, the bike will come out early April during the epic classics like Paris\Roubaix and Flanders. That will be the bike I get this summer. Not sure of all the changes but I guess we will find out.


Trek has been giving the team stock frames, same one you can buy, but customizing everything else. Look at those huge drops in those bars!

But I will have to wait like everyone else not on Trek’s pro team. And thats fine.


Wa da ya think?

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