The Trails

Sure, there’s a race to do. Its a good reason to head up to the place we call Hayward. Even tho we never spend a ton of time in Hayward. We are usually riding in Seeley or Cable. But for some reason its lumped into “Hayward”.


Really, the race is less than half of what we do there. The race gets us there Saturday but the trails keep us there or make us come a few days early. In the past, if I had a few days to spend riding it would either be Marquette or Hayward. In the past 12 months its been Hayward 4 to 1. If I had to choose between the two it would be the CAMBA trails. Summer or winter.

Miles of groomed single track in the winter. You could ride well over 50 miles of machine groomed trail and not hit the same trail twice.

I got up there mid day Thursday and went straight to the OO trailhead and did both Seeley Pass and Makwa. Not the entire loop but about an hour on each.

Seeley Pass was close to the first machine groomed trail there. Its been maybe four years now? Its a fav to ride in the summer and winter. Makwa runs the other way out of the OO trailhead and makes its way to the Mosquito Brook trailhead. Ive done that entire trail in 6-20160303_144245the summer.

Here’a a tree on Makwa that a Pialated Woodpecker pretty much destroyed.

There was way more holes in the tree that the pic shows. The ground looks like a chainsaw did the work. Some holes were thru to the other side and it looked like the tree would come down soon…

After about two hours Thursday I called it quits. Friday had a few others show up and like I stated yesterday we pre rode the course a bit, then headed to the trails.

We went to the forest trails which I believe are not part of CAMBA but are a very popular winter route as they get groomed with the trailhead just 100 yards from downtown Seeley.

These trails could be my fav in winter. The loop is about 9 miles long and is not short on tech.

Its got some climbing and I struggle with it bit but once you are up on top its all pretty much rolling and a blast.

Here is a few pics from the forest. We went there Friday after the pre ride and again Sunday morn before we left. I really wanted to ride after the race on Saturday but it was not to be. I was just too burned out. And wanted to save it for Sunday.

Super technical downhills. Not fast once but slow, winding stuff on the sides of a ridge. Pretty much the most tech winter trails I have been on. I can’t believe these trails are groomed with a Rokon. That guy is fearless. Some of the stuff has to be groomed by hand. Tough to ride a bike on it let alone a Rokon with groomer.

Alas, Sunday when we left the temps were near 50 and they have not gone down still. Sunday morning on the forest trails was my best day trail riding in snow and it is to be the last of spring 2016.

Back home here the temps are soaring. Near 70 yesterday. Snow is gone. Not melting but really completely gone. What a contrast. I had my best ride on groomed trails ever and the next day its spring. Im scrambling in the store to get everything switched over to summer mode. Summer bike season has started and it happened when I was away so Im desperately trying to catch up.

But that a good problem to have. And thus ends my winter fat bike season.


Wa da ya think?

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