My Friday

Today is my Friday as Im leaving for Hayward early in the morn. On top of all the last minute crap to do I made it out to the park to try and groom. There was enough snow but without a base it was not to be. The snow was so dry it just would not mold. If I tried to lay tracks it went right down to the grass. So I did a couple laps with the groomer to set a base, even tho it will be gone by mid week next week. Such is March in Wisconsin.


Prepping for a long weekend in Hayward means charging up my bike. Even tho it does not need it. But just in case.


Here’s the groom this morn. It looks good to go from here but it just did not take.


All locked and loaded.

I will have my ski’s along but Im not sure if I will get out on them. If all the trails are in great shape I’ll just stay on the bike. I can ski here at home but I can’t ride those bike trails up there but once a year (in winter).  Some of the guys will be there Friday morn so I dont have to wait for them to ride that day. Its kinda sad if I dont get out on the ski’s. Just 3 times this year to date. All within the same week early January. I guess the fat bike kinda cuts into my ski time now.

Anyhoo… everytime I head up here, especially in winter makes me think of the Telemark Resort.  I could type for hours about that place. Now closed forever.

We stayed there for the first Fat Bike Birkie in 2013. Here is a post from that day. Turns out we were part of the last day the hotel was open, closing just two days later…  very sad.

Now the race starts and ends in Cable, not even touching the hotels grounds. Again, very sad.

So today Im taking care of all my banking and stuff and at 6am tomorrow Im headed north and will be riding my bike early afternoon on the great groomed Seeley trails. As usual I will most likely take a laptop up there and might manage a post before I come home but I won’t go out of my way to do it.

Im on vacation.


Wa da ya think?

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