Winter 2.0


The return of winter. Not that it really left in the first place but with the weekend at 60 degrees it felt that way. People start to think spring. I sold a few bikes. I rode with bare legs on Sunday no problem. Then today: 15 degrees and snow.

First look at the new car. Almost the same as the old one but it is a little bit bigger. Bigger engine that will help when the bikes are on top and going down the hiway. As good or better fuel mileage. Way better in snow (as I found out today).

Also the technology is off the hook. I got a version of Onstar. Pretty much the same thing. Its free for awhile but I won’t pay for it. I really dont need to start my car from my phone. Or get irritated when my car constantly tells me to get a oil change. While the crash stuff is cool I really dont want any of the other stuff.

Its going to be a slow day with the snow and I’ll take the down time to catch up on all the paperwork I have here. Maybe work ahead a bit. Tomorrow I pretty much have to leave here packed up and ready to go.

Ive decided to take my ski’s after some deliberation. The snow up in Hayward is prime right now and even if I get an hour in Friday morn that will be nice to do. My last ski of the season last year was when I went up for the Birkie.

Here’s a post from last years Friday. I most likely will head over to the same trails. They are easy to get to and do. On ski’s I need easy. I’ll again ski in the morn and then wait for the others to arrive to pre ride.

I spose I’ll post a bunch more tomorrow as its my last day in the store this week. I won’t do the Tuesday nite ride tonite. Although it might be a good one with the new snow. Soon I’ll have all the riding I can handle.


Wa da ya think?

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