Nice Weekend

Its the beginning of a short week for me. But before I get into that I’ll comment on the riding this weekend. Most successful. All road miles but all good miles. Rode the 920 both days. 55 miles between both days. That’s good in my book. And I felt better after all was said and done. The 920 is filling in just fine on the road for now. I put on lighter MTB wheels with 32c road tires on. 100 pounds of pressure makes for a bit of a harsh ride but still acceptable.

The bike is heavy by road standards but thats just fine. On the group rides I struggle on and off but thats nothing new. Forces me to put in intervals when I would not do it myself. Im pretty sure Im in better bike shape than I thought I would be heading up to Hayward in a few days.


So as far as the impending weekend. I just might do something on Thursday that I never have done before. My first help on Thursday fitst comes in at 230pm. I was going to wait until then to leave which puts me up in Hayward only to sleep. So…. Im thinking of just opening late when help gets here and leaving Thursday early morn. Store opening at 230 instead of 11. Just 3 and a half hours.  I kinda pride myself on not doing that kinda of thing but then I think back to last year when I put in a million hours here and think I can use the extra time for sure.

And I keep telling myself its only three and a half hours. And my weekends available to get away are few and far between. So just put a note on the door and go? Maybe. If I do that I will picture some dude stopping in to buy a Madone and ditches cuz Im not there.

So I have three days to do a week’s worth of work. Pay bills, do payroll for next week, get my orders in and make sure the checkbook is in order. I have a few service bikes to get out too.

But in my head I’ll check out sometime late tomorrow. If I leave early Thursday I’ll get a ride in the afternoon when I get up there and maybe a ski Friday morn before the others get there. Then pre ride the short course Friday aft. At least thats the plan as of this morn. Subject to change.

Id better get to it.


Wa da ya think?

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