Just got to the store from picking up the new car. I dont get to excited about that stuff. Its nice. That’s about it. Now I’ll spend most of my free time today putting on the roof rack and putting all the junk back in. Now when you pick up a new car its all hi tech and I gatta spend time figuring things out like I do on a phone or computer. Its got a app to remote start. Just like my new Garmin, I most likely won’t use half of the stuff that car does. Or maybe just settle in a little at a time. Moving on.

I did get my help all settled in for next week and it looks like I can hit the road as early as Thursday at 3pm. And I will do so. Its a 5 and a half hour drive to Hayward so I’ll get there about 9pm. But there’s still a chance I might just leave early Friday. You can’t preride the course until 10am anyway. If I left at 5am I could be on the trail by 11am.

Most everyone else is getting there in the afternoon. If I go Thursday I might wait for them to preride and maybe ski a little in the morn. That’s a week away. I have time to figure it out.

Tomorrow will be the group ride in the morn. On the road. About 30 miles for me. I hope people dont start dragging out their road bikes yet. That would make the group a bit too fast. I do have the 920 but its not a fast bike by any means. Its a tour bike.

Temps again will skyrocket. 50 degrees it talked about for Saturday and Sunday. So maybe a road ride both days on the tour bike. Right now it doesn’t matter what or where you ride. Seat time is seat time and I’ll take it anyway I can get it. Even if it has to be on a bike that doesn’t move. But with this warm weather I hope it doesn’t come down to that,

Have a good weekend.


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