Another great ride this morn. One lap soft and another I rode pretty hard. Im feeling better on the bike every  ride it


seems. Lost a solid 10 pounds in the last month. While I will never be fast at least that scenario is getting better. I forgot my HR strap this morn but I will wear it ongoing from now on so at least get a base to work off of.

The trails are still in great shape. Not as fast as before the thaw but still pretty good. Some icy spots but still tons of traction and my skinny fat tires with 12 pounds in worked just fine. You really dont need much float on ice.

I dont run studs either. Im sure there is a time when they would help you but really that maybe 3 times a year. I used to run them but I just dont spend the extra money anymore.

Really these are the only trails around with snow. Our local park is all ice. Right now these trails are worth the 40 minute drive for me (one way).

I’ll lay off the bike tomorrow and hit it again Saturday morn on the group ride. That will again be all road and I’ll ride the 920. Im going to take off the touring wheels on the 920  and put on some lighter ones for the next month. The bike wont go back to touring mode until April anyway.

I bought a new car. Pretty much like the one I have but bigger. I had a Hyundai Accent and upgraded to a Elantra. Its bigger inside. I pick it up tomorrow.


Saying goodbye today. I’ve practically lived out of this thing for four years and its quite the job to clean our. I just bring out a big box and throw everything in, then sort it out later. I do have to take the roof rack off. One of the great things about the Accent and the Elantra is they have roof rack bosses in the roof. You just screw in a stud and the foot kit bolts onto the stud. It’s hard mounted. Very nice.

The new car has all the same options, nicer wheels and stereo. Also 17in tires to roll down the road  better. I’ll get it lettered but not quite as much as I did with the Accent. The new car will be nice to have next week when I drive up to Hayward. I’ve had this Accent four years and put 61k on it. It was great on gas and I did like it a lot. But I’ll be pretty happy with a little more room on the inside.

So that’s it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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