Yesterday I skipped the nite ride. And felt bad but not so much after I heard the conditions. All day melt had things soft and slippery. I think the nite rides in the woods are close to done. With the temps in the 30’s all day its just not the time to ride anymore. And thats fine by me as I was getting a bit tired of the nite ride.


So I hit the trails this morn and the overnite freeze had the trail back to pretty firm. So in the warmer temps of March its always going to be a play with the Freeze\thaw cycle. Any riding had to be done early morn. Skiing too for that matter but those guys already know how to time it out.

I did two pretty good laps and felt better on the last again. One thing I noticed with age is I take so much more time warming up. Like 40 minutes now. I’ll have to get out on the bike early for the Birkie with the race at 9am. Im going to have to be on the bike at 8am I think. That’s a early alarm for me.

I might get out again in the morning. If I do I will wear a heart rate strap. So you could say things are getting pretty serious.

Considering my lack of movement the last few days I felt pretty good. Hope that continues. I havent weighed myself in a few weeks and thats by design. When I do I hope to be pleasantly surprised.


Wa da ya think?

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