Undecided (again)

For me, this is the worst time of the year. Its not winter but its not spring either. I try not to get to deep into spring before the bike Birkie March 5th but its on my mind today.

I really dont know what Im going to be riding this summer. Most would think I just pick a bike, any bike and ride it and its not that easy. Eventually I do have to pay for them at some point and resale is always on my mind. Pick a bike that too expensive and its hard to sell. Last summer I rode a Trek Boone for a road bike. I really liked it. 1 by 11. Hydro.


That worked out well for resale. Actually too well and I had to sell it sooner that I wanted.

This summer I do want a road bike so its either a Madone or Domane. The best fit for me is a Domane, and I would build it with eTap. But the frameset is black and I hate black bikes. Maybe hate is a strong word, dislike is better. But most high end bikes are black since its a neutral color. You can project one a caliper brake Domane frame but not a disk.

But I could go with a Madone 9. I think it would sell easier… but would not have disk brakes. I like disc. Being a bigger guy I can use them. Also, the Madone can be a project frame and any color I want. So there’s that.

For the most part, better resale trumps the correct bike for me. So I will have to sleep on this one longer. I have time.

As far as MTB Im pretty set with the Farley on 29+.  However, I hear some rumblings from Trek on either a 27.5 or 29+ full suspension bike. Like a 27.5+ Remedy or something. If they do anything in that arena I’ll have to hit that. Depending on weight and cost. It would have to be an amazing bike for me to ditch the Di2 Farley. But it is possible.

I dont stress out on this stuff as much as it sounds. It’s just on my mind. In the past I never settled on a road bike until mid March anyway. It’s just with the lack of snow now I feel like getting a jump on spring. I’ve been known to “rush the seasons” as my grandfather called it.

And maybe Im doing that but really is that so bad?


Wa da ya think?

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