Micro Vaca/On To……..

Fish Creek,WI


I used to take what I called a mini vaca but this one was more of a micro. We first left a bit after noon on Saturday and got back a little after noon on Sunday. While it was good to get out it was really too short. I mean, most vacations are too short but this was really almost kinda not worth it. I still spent $300 on it. I remember taking a 18 day bike tour in 2008 and spending less. But thats different I know. It was nice to get away. We didn’t do a whole lot. Went out for an expensive ($128 with tip) dinner, shopped a bit and drove around in the car. I could have left sooner but I wanted to get in the Saturday morning ride with the guys. It was a good one, I had to skip breakfast but put in a good 30 miles on the tour bike and thats 30 less miles on the trainer.

I really like going to Fish Creek. It’s a touristy town along the lake right next to one of my favorite State Parks. What’s not to like? Even in the dead of winter it’s full of people on a mini vaca.

The riding up there is good too. Nice quiet roads and some trails too. But mostly I’ve been up there for the roads. Very cool vistas along a winding roads next to the lake.

I brought the CC ski’s just in case but knew the 45+ degree temps would not let us. Turns out it did freeze overnight Saturday nite and we could have ski’d Sunday morn but did not.

Anyhoo, it was short and now as Bill Belichick would say ” We’re on to the Birkie”. Just two weeks. More on that Im sure.

As expected, the ski trails did not survive the thaw in the park. 75% of the trail is bare ground. The rest is ice. Another Bill Belichick moment: “We’re on to spring”.

I am making arrangements in the store to flip to spring this week. I have some summer clothing already on the way. My winter inventory is low (by design) anyway. It’s time.

As Ive mentioned before, The bike Birkie marks the end of winter for me personally. I can’t wait to shave my beard. Ive had it since November and its time to go. Its driving me nuts.

Not sure on how the bike trails are yet. This week could be the first trainer ride. I’ll do my best to ride outside first. We’ll see. Could be all ice with the thaw.

So Id better get to work. Gatta catch up with what all went down Saturday and work on spring stuff.


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