9am. 45 degrees and sunny. Temps will be over 50 today. I took a ride to the park and I don’t think the ski trail will survive. The lake is crazy right now. Huge winds and huge waves. Wind gusts said to be near 50mph. The winds have built up a big wall along the lake. It’s so high you can barely see over it.

I even took a walk over to my summer bench. It looks and feels like spring. I hope the bike trails survive. Time will tell. The Birkie skiers up in Hayward are freaking out Im sure. Temps in Hayward in the 40’s today and maybe not getting below freezing tonite? That a disaster. I heard someone say on Facebook that it was warmer there this morning than a few Fat Tire 40’s than happen in September. I remember starting that race a few years ago at 36 degrees. Its warmer than that up there today. Crazy! I hope that changes when Im up there for the Fat Bike Birkie in two weeks.

Back at the store I didn’t jump on the trainer. That’s no surprise. Its a Friday before Im out of the store for the weekend. So I have a lot to do.

Tomorrow I am out for the weekend, or actually tonite. We are heading up to Door County to goof off for a couple days. But not before I do the group ride in the morning. It’s a road ride and I’ll be on my 920. A quick two hour ride at 8am, then get cleaned up and head north. I’ll have some ski’s along but thats just in case its better up there. Chances are slim of skiing tho..

So maybe a hike\walk in Peninsula Park. Some shopping. Some eating and drinking. Maybe I will bring snowshoes along. And my camera of course. A little sight seeing… Almost every time we go up there we stay and hang out in Fish Creek. Just some R and R. Soon the selling season starts and I won’t be able to go anywhere…. Although again, Im out in two weeks to head up to Hayward. Im so looking forward to that. It’s been too long.

So Im out until Monday for sure. While the warm temps will keep us off the trails I hope you get outside in some shape or form. Have a good weekend.


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