Awesome Ride

Check out the trees reflecting on my Garmin.


Woke up today to 5 degrees. No way was I going to ride. Fuddled around the house and an hour later it was 15 degrees. That’s acceptable and got ready, and made the 30 minute drive to Greenbush. By the time I got there it was 32 degrees. Just 2 hours ago it was 5. Crazy!

So I was way overdressed by the time I started the ride. I dressed at 15 degrees and rode at 32. But it was a great ride. I felt even better on the climbs than I did Tues nite. I did the bigger climb 3 times with no dabbing and even shifted up a gear on the last attempt.

Not that I was doing ludicrous speed or anything, but I was faster and felt better on a personal level. I always say it’s crazy how fast I lose my fitness and it’s crazy how fast it comes back. I did three laps and my third was my fastest.

These skinny fat tires were fast. No issues. Narrow, light and fast. I hope the Birkie is as solid as these trails. If so records will be set.

So now I just need to keep it going. No breaks. The high temps this weekend is up there so tomorrow morn might just be day one on the spin bike. If so I will reluctantly do it. Saturday Im heading out of town for some R and R but might get the group ride in before I leave. Just keep riding.


Wa da ya think?

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