Got out last nite with the boys. Im feeling better on the climbs. Maybe just a little. Zone 5 doesn’t feel quite as catastrophic as it has of late. And even if Im just a little better for the race in three weeks thats good enough for me. At least it’s a improvement and has me going in the right direction for spring.


And then there’s this. An empty fitness studio in the morning. I need to hit this up at least 3 hours a week. But Im going to try and get out on the outside bike the next two mornings so outside trumps inside. Even if I get to watch The Walking Dead.

Yesterday I looked at my my times from the bike Birkie. I’ve done it all three times and each time Im 10 minutes slower than the year before. Granted the course does change and snow conditions do play a lot into it. If I have one goal, it’s to finish sooner than the pathetic showing last year. Again, way different course this year. But it’s something to shoot for anyway. At best, I would be in the 50th percentile. That would be a good race for me.

Its Wednesday and Im contemplating getting out of town for the weekend. Destination unknown. Leave Saturday morn, back Sunday aft. I’ll look around today.

The ski trails are prime right now. Kinda. The groomer at the park is still broke and the conditions are perfect for a groom. However 45 degrees and rain on Fri\Sat and Im sure they wont let me groom until that passes. And if worst comes to worst not at all if the trails are destroyed. I can understand not using the resources to groom for one day but it’s a shame as the trails would be spectacular with a groom. I would love to get out a couple more times.

That’s it for today. Hopefully late posts the next two days if I get out on the bike.


Wa da ya think?

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