Im always amazed on how much and fast the lake can change its look. The biggest pic is from a few days ago at -2 degrees. The rest are from this morn at +30. This Friday is stated to be 45 degrees. That’s about a+ 50 degree swing from 6 days ago. I was hoping to get the park ski trails groomed but Im not so sure now with almost 50 degrees and rain for Fri\Sat. If thats the case no way will it survive.

Tonite is the weekly Tuesday nite ride and it’s game on. Warmer temps and great trail conditions will make this a good one. I can’t wait. Did I mention I really like my Farley right now? I think I did.

Although I say I never train I am starting to lay down some hard(er) efforts on the climbs. Just pushing a bit more. Really, my base miles start after that attempt at a race. But right now I need to get acclimated to suffering. I no longer wear a HR monitor so I have no idea where that is. I really never wore one before except during races to see what my average was. However I was thinking at my age and weight it might not be a bad idea. Not for performance tracking but more of a health tracking thing. I honestly think my last “race” was this Birkie a year ago. I did nothing last summer.

And in the back of my mind maybe thats the reason I let my bike fitness slide a bit. If all I have in front of me is slow easy rides then I have no reason to do anything else? Maybe that mindset will change since I’ve signed up for the Shuamy Fat Tire 40 in Sept. If Im even going to finish that thing I need to up my game. Easy to say in February.

Right now it’s just ride as much as I can. That sounds like fun anyway.


Wa da ya think?

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