Weekend Update

Another weekend weekend-updatehas come and gone. This one went down as planned. Saturdays single digits kept most inside. Sunday, on cue, it warmed up around noon and everybody was out and about.

Last nite\this morn it snowed about 3 more inches and I wish I could groom the ski trails, but the snowmobile still is not running and the park guys are waiting for a part to fix it. In the meantime they mentioned maybe getting a machine from another park. I hope so. Our park is so groomable right now and the skiing window is always too short of season the way it is.


When it’s super cold huge steam rises from the lake. I zoomed in here and the steam is about a mile out. Pretty cool. This was Sunday morn about -5 degrees.

Here’s three crappy pics from yesterday in Greenbush. I’ve mentioned this before but the trails out there are awesome right now. As good as it gets. Like the stuff we drive hours to get to. Now only 35 minutes away.

It wasn’t always that way. I’ve sure you have heard me say I’ve been on this fatbike thing since 2009. I remember coming out here either alone or with one other and struggling immensely. I specifically remember one ride I just gave up and spent an hour walking out. At the time I was the lone tire track out there.

Fast forward to this month. The number of bikes out there on a weekend is staggering and more than tripled the number of just last year. The trails are so run in. Smooth and faster than summer. Maybe not quite but as good as any machine groomed I’ve been on this year.

Yesterday I guessed 30 bikes. Now is the time to hit this up as it won’t stick around forever. In fact just four days from now the weather dudes are calling for 45 degrees and rain. This area holds its snow very well and the freeze\thaw cycle can be a month long. I remember a few years ago being able to ski there into April.

By then Im on the road but some good riding up to the Birkie would be nice. Just three weeks now.

Speaking of, that race will be a pretty pathetic showing by yours truly. I am in fact in the worst cycling shape of my life right now. Age, bad knees and weight gain has me struggling of late. I really don’t notice it alone but when out with others it’s apparent that I will be struggling to finish and placing is going to be the farthest thing on my mind.

Ive got time to turn that around before the warm weather is here but I need to start now.


Wa da ya think?

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