645pm Last nite

Its a slow time of year in bike stores. The winter activities are starting to lose their luster. Anyone who contemplated buying ski’s or snowshoes have already done so. Time to mark all the winter equipment down to make room.

At the same time it’s quite not spring bike shopping time yet. I do notice more people walking in for bikes than winter stuff right about now. Not buying, just looking.

Its this time of year, the changing of the seasons, that I get mixed feelings. Do I want more winter to continue? Or do I wish it away for a early spring. Personally, I’ve got out skiing just three times. I haven’t given up yet and hope to get at least three more.

But there comes a time where the trails can be in the best shape and nobody cares. Everyone is tired of winter. I always say the best skiing is in March with the higher sun and warmer temps. We could have a March weekend with great trails and mid 30’s for temps and not one ski rental go’s out. On the flip side, it could be 10 degrees and crappy snow some Saturday in January and I rent out.

One thing I’ve learned in bike retail, or any retail is that no matter what you do you can’t extend the season. I could have winter equipment 80% off in mid March and no one will care. So just don’t do it. Always work forward, never backward.

So here we are, mid February, all the winter stuff is discounted and won’t be replaced until next fall. About 3 week and its all summer all the time. Recently I’ve always timed the switch from winter to summer after the Fat Bike Birkie on March 5th and will do so again. It seems like a great end to the winter.

After I return from Hayward, WI all the winter stuff (what’s left of it) goes upstairs ( but still out on the floor up there), the fitness room gets turned back into shop bike storage, I shave off my beard and turn into 100% spring both personally and here in store.

Then all the snow I wished for I wish away. The fat bike gets summer 29+ wheels and I start to work on my summer road bike build. I haven’t a clue what Im going to do with that bike. Although it will be eTap for sure. Just not sure what frame. I got time to sleep on that.

So it’s Friday and as of now maybe a Sunday aft ride. Bitter cold for the group ride in the morn ands Im just too old for that now. I’ll pass and put all my eggs on Sunday. Looks to be in the teens. That’s still doable.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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