910am 2 degrees

Not much to report today. I was a cold short walk on the beach this morn. Super cold until Sunday. Single digits. Back in the day I would sneak a ride in at some point during this stuff but Im just too old to do that anymore. Saturdays group ride temp will be about 2. And I’ll pass.

So it looks like a boring couple of days ahead. Sunday afternoon shows in the teens so I’ll concentrate on that window to ride.

In the meantime I’ll do some throw back Thursday and look back at a few posts from this day (or close)



Ive been doing this blog thing a long time. Since maybe 2004. But anything from 2011 and older got lost in some Google snafu I went thru at that time.

A quick note on yesterdays bike build finale. I did get the longer wires and now have them running internal. However the frame has external only from the bottom of the downtube to the read D. I used these wire holder thingies from Shimano.


I ran it on the inside of the chainstay. It does a great job of both hiding and protecting the wire.

To say I like this bike is a understatement. I can’t wait until I throw on a 29+ wheelset, put the Bluto fork back on and hit the trails this summer.

Only one scenario would stop me from riding this bike this summer. If Trek comes out with a 29+ full suspension. I would be all over that in a heartbeat. I’ve got a feeling a 27.5+ full suspension bike might be coming. If it does, I’ll consider it but for me the bigger the wheel the more fun I have.

Big wheels for a big guy.


Wa da ya think?

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