Maiden Voyage

1st ride.

If you read this blog it seems that this build has taken forever and maybe it has. Mostly my fault as I order the wrong stuff. First it was the wrong crank and now too short of wires. No biggie. This is not the final post on the bike. The finished post yet to come. This is kinda the pre finish post.

Like I mentioned Friday I ordered too short of wires to the rear D but just strung them up temporarily outside, taping it to the frame. And off I went.

Most of what I say here Im going to repeat so I’ll keep it brief today. It worked flawlessly. When Shimano Randy was here a week ago I didn’t even have the chain on the bike and he eyeballed the rear D and made a few micro adjustments. Last Friday I put the million dollar chain on, ran the wires, pluged it in and it worked spot on without any adjustments. Plug and play. Amazing.

Sunday was the first ride and everything worked flawlessly. Shifts were precise and quick. Every one. Without saying too much more I’ll say XTR Di2 works as good as you would expect it to. I’ll move on now. More later.

Sunday I rode at our local State trail system. We call it Greenbush. I’ve been here a million times over the years but not lately. As the years go by it’s turned very rocky. And I don’t mean a few rocks. I mean the entire 9 miles loop is one big rock garden. Some like it but it’s no longer my cup of tea. However.

Winter riding there is way cool. No rocks. Near perfect conditions of late.

Just two years ago I would grab my fat bike and head out here myself or with one other. The trails would suck and maybe us and another bike were there. The trails were walked and snowshoed in but no bikes but us. Fast forward to the present. Yesterday there had to be 30 bikes riding. Even more on Saturday I heard. Those trail were rode in to a T.

Yesterday those trail were as good as it gets in the winter. I was amazed. The trails finally had some flow to them with all the rocks underneath the snow. Really, its game on over there until things change. As goods as any trail we used to drive 4 hours to get to.

Saturday I had a pretty good ride too.


Four of us rode the beach to breakfast. The beach was smooth and fast. And I got to ride my 920. The more I ride this bike the more I think I just might buy it myself (it a demo still). We put on a smidge over 25 miles with less than 10 on the road. This bike is perfect for these rides. Although as i was riding it on the shores of Lake Michigan Saturday I thought about when Im going to put it back into tour mode. This will most likely be the bike I start my base rides in spring on so not too soon.

I just finished the fat bike build and Im about a month away from starting my road bike build this summer. I haven’t the slightest idea what Im doing yet. And thats fine, its super early for thoughts of road riding in short sleeves.


Wa da ya think?

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