Its Friday….

And Im still waiting for those damn wires to finish my bike. Yesterday I did most everything else. Got most of the finish assembly done. All I need to do it plug in the rear D, set up the trim and go. UPS gets here around noon. I was kinda hoping to get out the final post on the build today, but now looks like after the weekend.

This morning I headed out to the park to see if I could maybe bring the ski trails back to life. And it seems not possible. Too much ice and bare spots. Hope for more snow soon. Before everyone loses interest in winter. I saw these guys on my short walk. The eagle was huge. The turkeys were….. turkeys. There was a time where both these birds were not around here. Growing up I never saw any of these guys. The Turkeys came back sometime maybe early 90s? I think they were planted? The Eagles came back around 2008. I’ve been documenting the Eagles since then.

Tomorrow morn I will do our local long standing Breakfast Ride as I have help in the store. Looks like a beach ride too. We’ve been riding the frozen beach long before fat bikes. Every year I would build a bike for this winter ride. In the past it was always a cross bike with the biggest tires I could fit.

While we rode the beach or woods to breakfast, most of the time it was road back so I needed to have a fast bike but still be able to ride the woods. This winter it’s my Trek 920 tour bike. The last couple years it was my Surly Trucker.

But I built the 920 way back in December and maybe rode it 3 times. Tomorrow it will be the 4th.


I’ll hope to put a few more rides on it this way before spring. Then it will go back to full tour mode in hopes that I can actually have some time off this summer to do one.

In touring mode, complete with coffee mug.

I really, really want to tour this summer.

So I’ll do the group ride on Saturday and hope to ride the electronic fatty on Sunday. And that is this weekend plan. Have a great weekend. Get outside!


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