I remember back in August Trek announced its selling bikes off their website. Many thought that was the beginning of the end of the bike stores. Panic ensued. Most everyone was misinformed. In fact the sales of said bikes get credited to the store of the buyer’s choice. I won’t go into the numbers but rest assured it’s very fair. And that goes for accessories also. Which previously was not done before.

I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was just not sure who would buy a bike online when they could just drive down and buy it in real life. Most of the time see one in stock. Well, that time for me has come.

“consumer order”

Today I received the first bike bought online. And yesterday a jacket.

So now I will see first hand how this works. How the store gets paid. I need to build the bike and call the guy and fit him. Wrong size? Trek will ship another. Either way you try and get him in the store.

And then sell him a few accessories. And the consumer can even request delivery and never needs to come to the store if thats what they want. This dude did not pay for a delivery but I’ll do it anyway if he wants.

In the beginning I was skeptical. I was convinced this would never happen and now here it is. A bike that I did not sell but the store gets credit for. Is this going to happen a lot? A week ago I would have said no but now Im not so sure. We live in a strange day and age. If someone wants to sit in their underwear and bike shop online so be it. And for that jacket, it’s one I would never stock in house, but here I sold one without even knowing it at the time. Definitely a sale I would not have had before.

I applaud Trek for the foresight in regards to online. Let’s see where this goes from here.

But the big question: Is this bike a sale I would not have had previously? Or if the sale was not available online would he have just stopped in the store then anyway?

Might not ever know the answer to those questions but in retail a sale is a sale.

Bring it on.


2 thoughts on “Online

  1. Interesting blog post.

    Seeing how large the catalog of my favorite brands (including Trek) has become, it’s a real frustration when I come inside stores and see that they only have a small subset of the available products. It’s perfectly reasonable for stores to not have everything especially if they have small shops (and that’s generally the case here in France). However, I see all these products but I don’t have access to them unless going to the store and asking them to stock that product. If I don’t like the product, the shop is stuck with the product.

    Shopping online for products and having them delivered to the store next door with additional exchange facilities if it does not fit do represent for me as a customer a great solution to the problem exposed above.

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