Blizzard (not)

I was not too worried when I heard if the 40 degree weather over last weekend. Or the rain last Sunday. We all knew that it would not be a issue with the storm predicted for 12650945_10212036855623694_5246168335300667435_nTuesday. They talked about it for a week.

First it was 20+ inches possible. Then 10 to 12in. Then 3 to 5in. Then 1 to 3in. And all it did was rain. I know thats not the case statewide.  But here is all I care about. We have less snow on the ground now than before the storm. Ski trails in the park are gone.

Im not blaming the weather guys. They do the best they can. This thing just ran farther north than they thought. So we got screwed. Again.

Most of the time it’s the lakes fault. Winds off the lake keeps things warmer here than inland. Cooler in the summer. And I don’t like it either way. Just 20 miles inland has 3 to 4 inches of snow which would have maintained the trails here no problem. In the summer just a few miles inland and  it’s 15 degrees warmer. When you live next to the lake you have to take the good with the bad but you don’t have to like it.

845am. Trails dead.

Its February. There’s a point where if we lose the skiing, then get it back nobody cares and we are just weeks away from that. I always said the best skiing is always in March but by that time everyone has had it with winter and they just don’t care.

If we get a 2 week lull here, then get some nice trails back they will pretty much go unused.

On the other hand, if the snow never comes back we did get a good month of nice trails and that more than I thought going into the season with all the talk of el nino.

The store is about a month away of switching into summer mode. All winter stuff goes on sale soon until its gone. But it would be nice to get in a good couple a weeks of skiing yet. I skied only 3 times.. I would love to go 3 more.

Time will tell.


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