Marquette 2016

Marquette lakefront.

So the weekend came and went. It was OK. Just OK. The riding was not the best but still we got out. It went kinda like this..

Friday it snowed maybe 4 to 5 inches so as planned we got to the trails early Saturday. The fresh snow plus the blowing and drifting made it a bit tough. I was maybe 7th or 8th bike thru and the trail consisted of one tire track wide. If you lost balance and missed that one track you were down. I must have fell 5 or 6 times before I decided to just not clip in. That let me put my foot down faster and I fell a lot less. I was struggling.

We ended up doing a full lap but every time I rode up to somebody I asked for the fastest way out. Still, it was over two hours for the five miles. So once back to the lot we loaded up and drove to the North trails and these were, as usual, in much better shape than the South trails.

We ripped them for awhile but I decided to turn around sooner than the others to save it for tomorrow. We were going to head straight here in the morning and I wanted to put in a good day on these trails. I like the North better than the South anyway.

So back we came early Sunday. Only to find the thaw\freeze had 80% of the trail pure ice. It was rideable but white knuckle all the way. The others took off ahead, which is how I spent most of the time there. I was alone at least 80% of the time and I knew that going in and did not mind really. I knew the other guys were much faster than I and would not want to ruin there riding by waiting for me all the time. They did a couple of times but I was alone for the majority of the riding.

After about 15 minutes on the icy north trails Sunday morn I got to thinking that if the thaw was that intense and if the freeze was enough to make all the ice then the South trails must be pretty damn firm. So I flipped by myself and headed back, sending the guys a text that I did so.

North Trails are my Fav.

Made the drive across town to the South and started to climb Bensons Grade for the second time in two days. The first thing I noticed is the snow was in fact rock solid. Once I got to the top the second thing I noticed is that the trails still were not groomed from the Friday snow. So you still had to deal with that single tire track in the middle but it was way more ridable. So I did almost the same lap as the day before that took me over two hours in about one hour.

Back to the South

Now, don’t take what Im about to say the wrong way. I very much do understand the long hours people put in on the South trails. The cost of the equipment. All grooming is volunteers. And Im sure its 20% of the volunteers doing 80% of the work.

But I gatta say I was a bit dissapointed to make the 4 hour drive, spend the several hundred dollars over the weekend to hit those trails only to have them not groomed all weekend. On Sunday I talked to the main dude who grooms as he was out on the bike looking at things. Then later Sunday they laid down a groom that turned the South trails into a highway. Missed it by 6 hours.

Of course there i12644668_1528966307432534_1355378569040066349_ns no blame. It’s a snow sport like skiing and you have to put up with the current conditions. It’s just disappointing to have that the only time I can get up there in the winter. If they had groomed late Saturday, Sunday would have been the best conditions I have ever rode on up there or even anywhere.

But again, Im not complaining. I did get in many hours in the saddle. Not sure I could have done much more anyway. I took my share of Ibuprofen. I was sore. A good sore.

It remains to be seen Im going to get anywhere else this winter before the Birkie early March. I’ll try tho.

A quick note on the bike. I need to order 2 wires yet to string up the driveline and will do that today. Also, I need to prep my current Farley to head out to its new owner.

Will get pics of new bike up as soon as its completely done. Maybe Wednesday?


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