Im Off.

Bensons Grade, Marquette,MI 2014

Now Im running around trying to get everything done so I can leave today at a decent time which seems like it’s not going to happen. I would have left in the morning as planned but the high temps up there will call for early morning starts and I do not want to get up and leave at 330am.

Things both around the house and in store kinda caught up to me. Besides packing, a quick run thru the bike and paperwork, the Shimano guy is here around 11am to teach me XTR Di2. I have to do some tax stuff yet like print off the W2’s before I leave. A lot of little things to do.

Im not as pumped to go right now. I love the drive up there but tonite it will be in the dark and I’ll get up there late just to sleep but worth the extra cost of a room to hit the trails sooner in the morning. Highs are calling for 35 degrees in the afternoon. Warmer Sunday. Im not sure how the trails will hold. They got a ton of snow yesterday and some more today. Fresh, unpacked snow can be an issue.

Anyway, Im getting my to do list done as fast as I can and best case senario is I can leave around 3pm today. Would be nice to have a bit of the drive in daylight.

Either way, tomorrow I wake up in Marquette and will grab the bike around 8am and ride. Im leaving the computer home this trip so I’ll tell ya all about it Monday. Have a great weekend and get outside.


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