XTR Di2 In The House.

Santa in a brown truck came yesterday. Almost everything I need is here. I tinkered a little with it yesterday and most of it is hanging on the bike. Tomorrow I’ll get a visit from a Shimano tech guy and he will go thru everything with me and teach me all there is to know about XTR Di2. The handle\stem combo is very cool with internal routing for the wire. The battery is in the steer tube and runs out the top of the stem and into the frame to head back to the rear derailleur. After the tech guy leaves tomorrow it will just be odds and ends to do.

I thought about doing this thing up and taking it to Marquette with me but I best not. Too soon. Rest assured I’ll be rippin it up on this bike a week from now and i cant wait! This thing is really going to be a showpiece. Ive already have people asking to buy it when Im done with it. And its not even together yet. Crazy!

I’ll leave the bike as it for now. Today I have to work on two things. Getting all my 2015 tax forms out in time (end of the month) and setting up the weekend in the store for me to be gone.

As far as the weekend. Ive decided to leave Friday as soon as I can. The temps in Marquette look to be on the warm side so any good trail riding will be early morn. Like 7am both Saturday and Sunday. So I need to be there Friday nite. I did not set up any help to come in until 3pm so I’ll try to bump that up, maybe give them an hour of de briefing and off I’ll go.

Temps in the upper 30’s on Saturday but thats not until late afternoon. Saturdays low looks to be just below freezing. I’ll hope for the best in that respect. This morn I did get in another ride in our local park at 35 degrees ands the trails were fine. It takes awhile for the warmth to set in. I hope that the case up in the UP this weekend.

Small post tomorrow. Shimano guy here at 11am, hope to be on the road by 3pm.


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